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Be-Trayed: How kickbacks in the Cafeteria Industry Harm Our Communities - And What to Do About It

Just three corporations dominate the multi-billion dollar college cafeteria industry. Aramark, Sodexo, and Compass Group are some of the biggest companies most people have never heard of, with revenues that rival McDonalds. Yet how these ‘Big 3’ cafeteria contractors source their food has major impacts, not just for the students they feed, but for society at large.

This report exposes the ‘kickbacks’ at the core of their businesses and the negative impacts they are having along the supply chain.

The Cost of Industrial Agriculture Fact Sheet

A simple graphic that shows the high cost of Big Food: climate change, deadly pesticides, public health crises, and exploitation to name a few.

For A Better World: Real Meals, Not Dirty Deals

Food is at the center of our daily lives and what we grow, who grows it, and how it is grown has a tremendous impact on the world around us. 

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